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CCHOI helps borrowers that are seeking home mortgage financing, achieve their goals through our partnership with several preferred lenders that are dedicated to ensuring that our clients acquire a loan that will suit their specific needs and criteria. They are committed to ensuring that our clients will be able to afford the loan that they qualify for and be able to maintain and sustain ownership of the home long after closing. Our lending partners provide favorable loan products, and responsible mortgage finance options to meet individual client’s needs, including first mortgage lending, down payment and closing cost assistance, as well as access to available grants that fit our clients’ needs or grants that our clients specifically qualify for due to specific grant qualifying requirements.

CCHOI also offers Home Buyer Education that teaches potential homeowners about the home buying process and how to be a savvy mortgage borrower.

Clients are made aware of predatory lending practices and how to steer clear of these practices. By providing access to several favorable loan products, CCCHOI is able to help borrowers avoid predatory loan situations.

CCHOI is a 501©3 Non-Profit Organization that provides free Housing Counseling services and education. Our experienced, staff will help you understand the entire home buying process. Let CCHOI help you get started on your pathway to homeownership today!

What you need to know

Borrowers will receive a one-on-one counseling session about home mortgage finance options through CCHOI’S First Time Home Buyer Education class.


What you'll learn:

  • Home Buying Process

  • Become a Savvy Borrower

  • Loan Products

  • Predatory Lending

  • Foreclosure Prevention

  • Financial Literacy

  • How to read your credit report

  • How to improve your credit score

Up to $150,000.00 in down payment assistance & Grants available.


Please contact us and or register for a Home Buyers Educational Workshop for more details. 

Home Loan Assist Colorado

I am an army veteran with 20 plus years working in the mortgage industry. During that time I have helped many purchase primary residences, investment properties, lower monthly mortgage payments, consolidate debt and focus on becoming debt free! My ultimate goal is to help my clients fulfill their home ownership dreams and to put them in the best financial position possible. I have the ability to help my clients obtain the best VA loan, FHA Loan, and Conventional Loan. I have access to down payment assistance programs for first time homeowners and help current homeowners establish financial freedom.

The most rewarding part of my job is to see a smile on a client’s face and to watch them breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they made the right decision by putting their trust in me.

I will work to get you the loan that is best for you.

Your Home Loan. Your Way or No Way…

Tracy Pettway.jpg

Tracy  Pettway

Mortgage Broker 

NMLS#: 248941

LMB#: 10001‌2271

Home Loan Assist.png

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

My name is Lu Graham and I’m excited about the opportunity to impart, clarify, teach through this Homebuyer Workshop. As a full-time Mortgage Professional, doing what I love and loving what I do, my mission is to educate, help dispel some of the myths, remove some resistance and or fears around homeownership and most of all empower you to buy a home! I absolutely love help others realize the ability of purchase a home!

I’ve been in the industry for about 30 years, and while things have changed, make-sense-underwriting is still an everyday staple! So with most things, education is key! I am passionate about working with consumers to help craft their personal financial mortgage lending needs and or solutions. I work with clients to help them to understand what they are getting into and to make it plain, buying a home is like renting on steroids!

My team and I take great pride in the experience our customers receive whether it’s your first time purchasing a home or your 10th! We are here to help you on your journey to homeownership! In an ever-changing market, it’s important to work with Realtors and Lenders that stay abreast of the new and existing loan programs, to make sure they put together an aggressive offer/plan for you!

Lu Graham.jpg

Lu Graham

Branch Manager

NMLS#: 329627

Direct: 303-244-9588

Direct: 720-982-8315


The Mortgage Network

Hello, my name is St. Marks Sanders and I have lived in Colorado since 1991. I am a licensed Mortgage Originator; working in the industry since 2001. Currently, I lend my professional expertise to The Mortgage Network.

The mortgage application and approval process can be complicated. Therefore, I’ve dedicated my career to helping families realize their dreams and overcome obstacles that might otherwise prevent them from residing in the home they deserve.

I am inherently a problem solver, so it gives me great pleasure to help others discover solutions. As a mortgage originator, I am dedicated to providing my clients with excellent service no matter what their situation may be. I have acquired extensive knowledge of the industry over the years and I enjoy sharing it with others.

As Senior Loan Originator at The Mortgage Network, my goal is to educate my clients helping them understand and ultimately secure the financing option that meets their distinctive needs. I’m here to provide you with the blueprint you need to purchase a home.  An investment that still remains widely recognized as the American Dream.  For most people, the mortgage lending process is
overwhelming and intimidating.   My job is to dispel the myths that often cause people to delay or completely remove the possibility of homeownership from the table.

St. Marks.png


Branch Manager

NMLS#: 304058

Office: 303-719-7778

Mobile: 720-435-7777

Cleo Lewis


Central Park Mortgage - A Wicker Par Mortgage Division, LTD

I have been in the mortgage industry for over 20 years. I have done everything from underwriting, closing, secondary market, and post-closing. My specialty, however, is jumbo underwriting. I love thinking outside the box to help our customers obtain their dream home and my team has the same passion! We truly care about our clients and are looking forward to working with you!

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