More About Us

CCHOI assists borrowers in needing home mortgage finance in achieving and maintaining healthy homeownership by promoting responsible lending and providing healthy mortgage finance options to meet individual client's needs, including first mortgage lending, down payment and closing cost assistance. Home Buyer Education teaches potential homeowners about the home buying process and how to be a savvy mortgage borrower. Clients are made aware of predatory lending practices and how to steer clear of these practices. We provide access to a number of favorable loan products, CHE is able to help borrowers avoid predatory loan situations.

Our Mission

CCHOI’s mission is to create homeownership opportunities for low to moderate-income families within the urban and suburban communities of the Denver Metro area, Colorado Springs and eventually throughout all of Colorado and the US. Through the acquisition and development of distressed residential and commercial properties, as well as the development of affordable new communities, we will provide affordable housing for low to moderate-income families through leasing and resale. We will also help empower individuals and families within disadvantaged communities through economic development opportunities provided through professional resources, partnerships, affiliates & counseling. We also intend to provide access to internships, vocational, and technical job training as well as education.

Colorado Collective Home Ownership Initiative is an organization that provides numerous educational assistance programs designed to help bring families, single parents and especially children out of poverty through encouragement, education and economic empowerment. We will also focus on helping transition families, single parents and individuals from homelessness to homeownership. CCHOI will partner with numerous businesses and organizations dedicated to helping us achieve our mission. We will provide assistance and educational programs to include, Life Skill Training, vocational training access, transitional housing access, credit counseling, financial fitness training access, economic development, homeownership education, Mortgage services, and Real Estate services. We will also specialize in the acquisition of distressed residential and commercial properties in order to redevelop them into modern eco-friendly condos, townhomes, duplexes, Triplexes, Fourplexes and single-family homes for lease and eventually resale as affordable housing.