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Colorado Collective Home Ownership Initiative

To create homeownership opportunities for low to moderate-income families within the urban and suburban communities of the Denver Metro area, Colorado Springs and eventually throughout all of Colorado and the US. 

We believe that everyone who desires to own a home, should have that opportunity. We work with you side-by-side throughout the entire process to guide you right into your new home.

How we can help

Family Fun in Field

Counseling & Education

Helping you make informed decisions in every aspect of homeownership  

Happy Family

Lending Options

Promoting Mortgages that are catered to your situation and best fit your needs

Home Cook

Housing Development

Acquisition and development of distressed properties, as well as the development of affordable new communities

Our upcoming Events!

CCHOI offers a number of workshop throughout the year to help you with your homeownership journey. Be sure to register and learn more!

No upcoming events at the moment

CCHOI assist our clients in locating mortgage finance options that meet their individual needs

We partner with numerous Mortgage Brokers, Private Lenders, Credit Unions and Banks to achieve this goal. We also provide resources that allow for us to help our clients achieve homeownership regardless of their current situation.

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Whether you have Good Credit, Bad Credit, or No Credit, it doesn’t matter. In most situations we can help.

We also provide Home Buyer Education that teaches potential homeowners about the home buying process and how to be a savvy borrower. Clients are made aware of Down Payment Assistance Programs and Grants that are available to them which can assist in them achieving their goal of homeownership.

What you need to know

Borrowers will receive a one-on-one counseling session about home mortgage finance options and CCHOI’S Home Buyer Education class. You'll learn about:

Financial Literacy Programs

Down Payment Assistance Options

The Home Buying Process

Available Grants

Becoming a Savvy Borrower

Lease with a Right to Buy Program


“Helping Keep the American Dream of Homeownership Alive”

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